Personal Training for YOUR Career.
Personalized Training for YOUR team.

Career success doesn’t just find you.
Make it happen with passion, purpose, and some expert help.

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This is not a standardized training regimen, it's personal!

No canned, one-size fits all solutions.
We create custom and personal training experiences, workshops, and presentations that not only meet your specific needs, but drive success.

This is About You

We have no agenda, preconceived ideas or set plans. We build a plan only after we understand your needs, challenges, and desires.

So Let’s Get You Moving

Our Proprietary “Next Level Up” is a goal based, step-by-step personalized system that allows you and/or your team to reach your career & life personal best.

How it Works

We meet with you to understand your goals, challenges, and opportunities—whether it be for you as an individual or for your team or group. We begin with the end in mind in order to build a specific plan to assist you in reaching your ultimate level of success.

A Career Personal Trainer?

We assess your strengths, set real goals, measure progress and provide accountability…We're here to help you get what you want!

Meet Chris Thibodeaux

Chris is a proven leader and influencer of both individuals and organizations who, unabashedly, changes people’s lives. He helps people get their career in the best shape it has ever been, defining and deciding on your personal career goals and then building a personal career workout plan to achieve these goals.

Chris also has the ability to make an audience, laugh, cry, stretch, and reach to the next level in a matter of minutes. He has a natural appeal that allows others to get on board. He can take your goal and bring it to life through words and experiences.

His strength is in his approach—the way he strips away objections, excuses, defenses and pretense to help you get to the very core of what you want to achieve, and then he helps you actually do it.

Whether its leadership development, galvanizing teams around a core purpose, or helping everyone manage and succeed through change, Chris engages and entertains in such a genuine, candid manner that the impact is almost immediate.

As a coach and CPT, you’ll want him to lead you and/or your team to the career milestones that may seem out of reach.

  • 21 years in Pharmaceutical Sales
  • 17 years in Sales Management
  • 11 years Director/Vice President Level
  • Career Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Strategist and Master at enhancing teams
What do you want?

And how bad do you want it?


Chris has done a fantastic job helping me understand, not just my own personal/professional obstacles, but enhancing my perspective on how others see their professional goals and road blocks. He has a unique way of re-tooling my thinking to see the “hidden” obvious. His tools and methodology are refreshing and inventive. He slows down to listen, prepares for response and highlights his thoughts in multiple ways to help me truly grasp the concepts and strategies we are trying to achieve. I truly appreciate and value my relationship with Chris.

Tom Hoffman

Principal, Avison Young
Upon working with Chris, immediately it was evident that he is passionate about helping others improve. Chris communicates in a way that makes the most difficult situation seem manageable and surmountable. In my transition as the former GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves, I was able to consult with Chris on an important project and was provided with guidance and many insightful ideas and ways to improve my product. His knowledgeable yet simplistic way of communicating was crucial for me to grasp and understand what was needed to enhance the success rate of my endeavor.

Milt Newton

We did a team building activity today that was not what you would expect in a team building activity. Chris had us really reveal ourselves and become vulnerable so we could get some great feedback on our strengths and how we’re coming across to others. I think this forged a really great new working relationship with one another. So I’m glad we took the risk and I’m really glad it wasn’t a traditional “build something out of boxes” contrived session. Great day. Thanks!

Mary Athman

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